About Us

CLC Network is a national non-profit committed to promoting the development of people with a variety of abilities and disabilities to live as active, integrated members of their communities. We partners with families and organizations to more fully understand individuals with disabilities and to build support systems that enable their inclusion in all aspects of life.

Our Logo

Our logo should not be altered or adjusted in any way, nor should the proportions be changed from the original.

Proper Use of Our Name

We are officially incorporated since 1979 as the Christian Learning Center, but have filed a “doing business as” (dba) with the State of Michigan for: CLC Network. References to our organization may use either name but should not conflate the two (i.e. do NOT use Christian Learning Center Network).

In certain situations, we may use both CLC Network and Christian Learning Center. In those cases, communications should mention at least once the other name—“CLC Network, also known as the Christian Learning Center”; or, “the Christian Learning Center, also known as CLC Network”.

Please refer to the CLC Network Style Guide for further details.

Person-First Language

We use person-first language in all cases, including oral and written communications. This means that a person or their name is always referenced first, with their level of ability or diagnosis referenced secondarily or not at all.

GOOD: Suzie, who lives with autism spectrum disorder, …

GOOD: Will, a student with Down syndrome,…

NOT OK: Students who have autism spectrum disorder like Suzie…

NOT OK: Jerry, who is Down syndrome…

Please refer to the CLC Network Style Guide for further details.

Style Guide

Please refer to the CLC Network Style Guide for a complete description of the proper use of our name and person-first language, as well as brand identity.

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, please contact:
Katie Barkley, Director of Marketing and Communications

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