Connect & Collaborate: Annapolis

Event Information

9:00 am - 11:00 am
Annapolis Area Christian Lower School

You’re invited to join Annapolis Area Christian School and CLC Network for a Connect & Collaborate event!

Do you serve students with a variety of abilities in your Christian school? Whether you serve students with varied learning, behavioral, socio-emotional, or physical support needs, we invite you to network with other Christian schools and share ideas at this event. We encourage you to bring a team of educators and prepare to be inspired with new ideas and encouraged in your efforts to serve all of God’s kids. CLC Network will facilitate our discussion, as well as share materials and experiences to empower you within your own school community.


Registration is requested for this free event. If possible, please RSVP by Friday, May 3rd to Lanette Leadbetter at

Snacks will be provided.