Recipe for Church Inclusion

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9:00 am - 3:30 pm
Galt House Hotel

Three Ingredients that Will Guarantee a Place of Belonging with Persons of Varied Abilities

Whether you have been in the inclusion kitchen for many years or are just beginning on the journey, are thinking about the area of children, youth, and/or adults, and whether you are a pastor, church educator, worship leader, ministry director, disability ministry coordinator, professional, volunteer, interested person, or family member – this is the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators’ Convention pre-event for you!

These ideas will impact 100% of your community members in a positive way. It will allow you to think about persons with identified areas of disability, those needing supports for a season of time, persons with dementia, congregation members who are English Language Learners, persons with AD/HD, congregation members who may process information more visually, intergenerational settings…yes – this is training on how to create places of belonging for all of us!

Spend the day with singer/song-writer Ken Medema, CLC Network director of church services, Barbara J. Newman, and Maria Cornou from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and discover how you can mix together:

  1. Barbra J. NewmanThe Puzzle Piece Perspective (Biblical understanding of individuals and community)
  2. Universal Design for Worship and Education (built-in supports you can get ready immediately)
  3. Responsive Design (putting together supports based on the gifts and needs of a particular individual)

Participants will receive free materials including Accessible Gospel, Inclusive Worship by Barbara J. Newman.

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