Courses: What We Offer

Join our academically talented middle school courses in a Christian, social, and teacher-led online environment.

​Our courses are two semesters beginning every September and January.


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6th Grade Honors English

Students will be challenged to develop literacy skills by exploration and application of English Language Arts concepts and practices. Reading, online discussion and activies, as well as practice, will form the structure within which students will learn literacy skills. Challenge and expectation will be consistent with abilities of students who have academic talents.

7th Grade Honors English

This course is designed to challenge students with academic talents to explore and acquire advanced seventh grade literacy skills. Recognizing that some students are ready for analytic and critical thinking, lessons are designed to grow these important thinking skills, while developing advanced literacy skills and a love of literature. Course elements include advanced novel study, investigation of the short story, grammar skill development, and writing in multiple genres.

Tuition for two semesters: $800

8th Grade Honors English

Students will be challenged to master the standards of eighth grade English Language Arts when they study advanced grammar, diagramming, writing in multiple genres, and writing as a social activity. Students will prepare and present a research project, and evaluate and critique media formats as they will be challenged to apply discernment in all aspects of literacy.

Tuition for two semesters: $800

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