Our Approach

Christ Centered

Our Honors English courses are taught from a Christian perspective by an instructor who has the skills to reach high-achieving and exceptional students.

Teacher Directed

Our certified instructor is in regular contact with students, answering questions, grading assignments, offering feedback on progress, tracking grades on quizzes and tests, and communicating with families.

While each unit of study has a specific beginning and end time, students can participate at their convenience throughout the school day. Students progress through units as a class, completing each unit within an identified time frame, while accounting for individual learning styles.

Lots of Interaction

We are committed to a cohort model of education. Students are encouraged to learn together in an online community, depending on interaction with their teacher and with the students within their cohort, or group.

Our teacher develops an online learning community by coordinating discussions among students and by providing opportunities for students to work together. Students enjoy connecting with like-minded peers from outside their school community.

Easy to Use Technology

We deliver our courses in an asynchronous format using a secure learning management system, Moodle. This simple technology platform provides a vibrant canvas for engaged and meaningful learning without having to jump unnecessary technical hurdles to access it. Learn more about the technology requirements here.

Engaging & Effective

Our instructor develops multi-media curriculum and instructional methods in order to present concepts in a variety of ways. The online courses receive high marks from students, families and schools for their engaging style and thorough instruction.

Personalized Learning

Our online instructor accommodates a variety of learning styles as they teach using video and audio clips, manipulative materials, and online simulations.

Take A Look Inside


“The carefully created curriculum provides just the right amount of challenge for high-ability students, and the flexibility of the online environment fits seamlessly into a school’s schedule. Capable students enjoy the independent learning format that online courses offer; however, they feel connected to their online classmates through peer editing, group projects and forums. Also, the online teachers are always available to students, staff, and parents. When given the choice, studentsalways choose to participate again for another year.”
– Carol Netz,Technology Teacher, Dutton Christian School

“CLC Online courses helped to instill in me the type of critical thinking and creativity that has helped me excel in the high school classroom… It was a valuable experience that encouraged me to become a more driven, accountable, focused, organized student.”
– Hayley Reitsma, Former Online Courses Student