Why CLC Courses?

Our Niche

The Christian Learning Center (CLC Network) offers a Christ centered learning environment through online courses designed to meet a variety of educational needs. Our courses are available for academically talented and highly motivated middle school-aged students.o.

What We Do

We offer six courses for middle school-aged students, delivered asynchronously using Moodle, a secure Learning Management System. Online teachers coordinate interaction with peers via discussion boards and shared activities. CLC Network contracts with T-3 Consulting, a highly regarded consulting firm that assists schools and other agencies to deliver exceptional online learning experiences.

Teacher Directed

CLC Network teachers fully facilitate our online courses. Our teachers prepare units of study with specific beginning and ending times. Students progress through units as a class, completing each unit within an identified time frame, while accounting for individual learning styles. CLC Network teachers develop an online learning community by coordinating discussions among students and by providing opportunities for students to work together.

Our courses at your school

CLC Network’s online classes broaden your school’s academic offerings without adding costs for staffing or classrooms. At the same time, they complement your current classroom’s learning opportunities by offering challenges to highly motivated and academically talented students. Learn more here..

Academic Rigor

Each course is fully aligned with State of Michigan content standards and is taught by a highly qualified teacher who holds current State of Michigan teacher certification and endorsement. Our teachers are well trained to teach online and they participate in ongoing professional development intended to enhance their abilities.

Get Started

Students enrolled in CLC Network schools and who wish to enroll in an online course are asked to register through their local CLC Network school. Please contact Phil Stegink (pstegink@clcnetwork.org) for additional details or with questions.

The Right Mix for Success

Desire to go deeper
Alternative Learning Style
Goal Driven
Academically Talented

CLC Network promotes the development of people with a variety of abilities and disabilities to live as active, integrated members of their communities.

We partner with families and organizations to understand more fully the individuals we serve and to build support systems that enable their inclusion in all aspects of life.

By the grace of God we dedicate this organization to serving and enhancing the lives of others. We believe:

  • Every person reflects God’s image
  • Every person has been placed in this world for a purpose
  • Every person deserves our best
  • Every partnership is valuable

Call us today at (616) 245-8388 or Email us at info@clcnetwork.org

Academically talented middle school students in a Christian, social, and teacher-led online environment.